4 Essential Things Homeowners Should Do When Preparing For A Roof Replacement

residential_roofing_company_woodbury_mnYou need to know and do a few things when you are planning for a roof replacement. Below is how you can ready your home for the replacement before the roofing company arrives to start work.

1. Remove All Satellite Dishes And Antennae
If it is a partial roof replacement, then you will have little to do regarding what you need to change in the house. Do, however, keep in mind that the roof will be changing. Therefore, you should take down the antennas, satellite dishes, and other installed objects.

2. Protecting Delicate Items
The amount of tearing, hammering, sawing, and drilling involved in a roofing project with sent vibrations rippling throughout the house. It will be wise for you to pull down any painting and wall hanging, the chandeliers, as well as the expensive chine you have on your shelves. You do not want any of these valuable falling and breaking.

3. Mow The Lawn
Trimming the grass in your lawn is advisable. You do not want any of the nails and tiny object that will be falling of the roofing during the project to be lost in the tall grass. In as much as the roofer will do the professional thing of cleaning up after completing the replacement, having a neatly cut lawn makes things easier and faster.

4. Check The Vents
The roofing system of your house has an elaborate ventilation system tasking with the management of indoor air. As you, inspect the vents to ensure all is well before the roof replacement project starts. The roofers will probably do an overlay to have new ventilation pipes align with the existing one or bring in a new design. Make sure that you get quality products and results when having the roofing ventilation done. You do not want your home smelling because odors from the sewage system cannot find their way out of the house.

While there are other things you need to do in readiness for a roofing project; the above are the essential things you must do when preparing your house for the roof replacement. Contact us for more information.