5 Upgrades You Should Consider When Re-Roofing Your House

roof contractors mnAlthough re-roofing might not be the most glamorous home improvement project there is, it definitely is a very important one. If you are thinking about getting a new roof, consider the following 5 upgrades to make your roof more long-lived, functional, and beautiful.

Add an airtight chimney cap – While metal and masonry chimney caps are designed to keep birds and other creatures (if screened) as well as rain out of the chimney, an airtight cap saves energy. Whenever your fireplace is not being used, warm air from inside the house is flowing out of your chimney in cold weather. The damper on the firebox is not airtight and does little to prevent this from happening.

Install eave flashing – If you have problems with ice dams, then when you are re-roofing you might want to have eave flashing installed. These are bituminous peel-and-stick membranes that get applied before shingling to 2 feet deep inside of an exterior wall plane (on a low-pitched roof, it should be three feet). These membranes self-seal around the roofing fasteners, to form a watertight seal on top of the eaves, which is the part of the roof that is susceptible the most to ice dams.

Make improvements to the roof ventilation – During the summer attics turn into furnaces unless they are well ventilated. The buildup of heat radiates directly into the rooms right below the attic, which makes them very uncomfortable. In order to keep your attic and house cooler, make sure that ridge vents are installed over the top of the roof by your roofing contractor. When you have a cooler attic your house will be more comfortable during the hot summer months without needing to spend a huge fortune on your utility bills from running the air conditioner unnecessarily.

Choose energy-efficient shingles. In the past, it was recommended to choose white or light-colored shingles to have a cooler roof. These days there are reflective shingles that are available in many different colors, ranging from wood tones to slate. The granules reflect the radiation from the sun and also remit a lot of the heat that has been absorbed very quickly. Depending on your home’s construction and climate, a cool roof can save 7 to 15 percent of your cooling expenses.

Install low-maintenance gutters – When you have your house re-roofed, it’s a good time to install new gutters and get rid of the old ones -especially if your current gutters are unsightly or misaligned. Gutter systems that come with built-in curved hoods have been designed to be low maintenance or maintenance-free.

All of the improvement may make it worthwhile to celebrate your new roof! Contact us to learn more.