Causes Of A Wavy Roof

wavy roofTaking care of your home also involves proper roof maintenance. You need to schedule regular roof inspections to maintain the structural integrity. After severe weather, you need to check the shape of the roof and if there is any present damage. You can check for damaged shingles or any other damaged areas of the roof, including a wavy roof.

After installation, your shingles should be aligned in straight rows without any wavy appearance. If you notice the wavy look, it could be due to a number of reasons. Here is what you need to know about the causes of a wavy roof.

1. Problems With The Felt Paper – Before the shingles are installed, the felt paper is laid down. If it is bubbly or wet during this process, the felt paper will make the shingles appear wavy after installation. Note that, after a few weeks of the hot summer weather, the felt paper always ends up straightening itself.

2. Applying New Shingles Over An Old Layer – If you choose an incompetent roofer for this, you will end up with such a scenario. The best roofers will never install new shingles over the old ones. Rather, they will remove the old shingles first. Bad roofers often take a shortcut to save time and effort. If this mistake happens, there will be a wavy roof. Eventually, you will need to remove both sets of shingles and install everything afresh.

3. Damaged Decking – Plywood decking is usually used in the roofing structure of most homes. Once the decking is installed, the roof is installed on top of it. Therefore, if a damaged decking is used, the roof will appear wavy. Note that, the roof decking should be installed at the right thickness and in accordance to the building codes in that area. If that’s not followed, the decking is prone to damage. To confirm that the decking is properly installed, go to the attic space and check for any sagging, cracking or rotting in Plymouth, MN. If present, hire the best roofing contractor to replace it immediately.

4. Improper Installation Of Shingles – If any of the problems mentioned above are not the cause of the wavy roof, the improper installation of shingles should be the culprit here. If you have hired the wrong roofer for the job, they will not nail down the shingles properly thus causing a wavy roof.

Simply put, a wavy roof can be caused by any of these issues. However, it boils down to choosing the right contractor for your roofing project. Make sure you take enough time to find a good roofer who is licensed, reputable and experienced to avoid some of these roofing mistakes. They should also have guarantees and warranties in place for any repairs in the future.

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