How To Perform An Interior Roof Check

interior water damageDo you want to check the condition of your roof? Look for a good flashlight and head to the attic. You need to follow the right safety procedures during the inspection to avoid any injuries. Here are some of the things to look out for when in the attic.

Are Sun Rays Passing Through The Roof Boards?

Before you switch on the flashlight, you need to check whether there are any sun rays passing through the holes or cracks in your roof. If they are present, you need to consider replacing or repairing your roof immediately. Note that, if there is light getting through the roof, when it rains, water will leak into your attic.

Are There Dark Streaks And Stains In The Attic?

It’s one of the easiest things to notice. If there are dark stains or streaks on the underside part of the roof or running down the walls right underneath the roof, it’s a bad sign. That’s because the roof is leaking and the moisture will damage your roof as well as your attic in Minnetonka MN.

Is The Roof Sagging?

If there is any moisture trapped in your roof, it will make the entire roofing structure sag. Check whether there are any sagging areas of your roof. You can use a broom or your hand to prod the sagging areas. If they feel very wet or soft as well as bend easily when prodded, it’s a sign of moisture damage on your roof.

Is There Any Water Damage Or Leaks?

Besides checking for sagging areas or dark streaks, you need to check for water leaking or any rotting in the attic roofing structure. If you notice any signs of water damage besides those mentioned above, it’s time to hire the experts to inspect, repair or replace your roof immediately.

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