Is Your Roof Ready For Winter?

roof installation mnSpotting Potential Roof Problems
Search for any indications that there might be something wrong with your roof. Analyze and give the shingles a closer look. Are they unstable, curling, or do they have exposed spots? Debased shingles make it easier for water to enter the floor deck beneath. You have to keep in mind that it isn’t just about what’s on the roof. Search for asphalt granule accumulations in your gutters. This is an indication of the presence of bare shingles.

This moment is the opportune time to have any overhanging branches trimmed as they can cause damage later in the winter. In preparation for the coming colder months, here are some questions about your roof and its environment that you need to pose to yourself.

Do you see any shingles that are damaged? – These are any shingles that are missing, cracked or curled.
Is your roof leaking in spots?
Have you seen accumulations of ice in previous years?
Is your flashing installed correctly and in good condition?
Of late, have you encountered extreme weather, for example, hail or strong winds that could cause damage to your roof?
Does your gutter have any debris or rust?
Are there any overhanging branches that could fall and cause damage in strong winds?

On the off chance that it is indeed an ideal time for a change, then there are few things that you should consider:
Make sure that the old shingles are completely removed prior to installing new ones. Despite the fact that construction regulations allow for the installation of two layers, doing so adds a substantial burden on the roof and inhibits roof deck inspection. Avoid being frugal when it comes to the underlayment. Opt for a water and ice shield that is self-adherent as it offers better protection against water than asphalt paper. If you are unsure, have a reputable roofing company do an inspection on your roof in order to find out its condition. Even though this might not be the year for a renovation, you’ll definitely be prepared when the time draws near.