Signs That Your Roof has Hail Damage

hail damage mnIt is usually more difficult to tell if your roof has hail damage than it is for other parts of the house. Hail often causes the roof to get damaged and without proper repairs, this could really cause some serious issues. Without repair, there is a likelihood that there will be leaks. If your roof has sustained damage then you should call an insurance company that covers your home. They will have an assessor come to determine the extent of the damage. However, you should contact a contractor because the insurance companies will probably need the expert opinion of the contractor.

You can check for the signs of roof damage on your roof. before hiring a contractor. Here are the signs that tell you if your roof has hail damage.

First, check for dents on anything that you have that is metallic. The hailstones will have left dents. Check your flashing, vents, and any other parts.

Flat areas on the roof are more likely to be affected by the hail. That means that areas like the ridge cap will show damage faster than other parts.

Check your shingles for signs of breakage. Sometimes, the hail may damage the edges of the shingles. Look at these to see how damaged they are. Sometimes the shingles may not show damage just by looking. You can run your fingers over them to feel if there is any damage. If you feel that there is a damaged spot, press it to see if it gives. If it does then it is clear that you have damage from hail. In addition to that, check for any cracks if the storm was heavy. If the cracks are too big you may have to replace the roof instead of repairing it.

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If you have an asphalt roof in Lakeville MN, it is advisable to check for missing granules and cracks. Some of the pieces may be on the roof. Look around the roof to see if you can spot any. Prop up a ladder and check the roof properly because some of the signs may not be visible from a distance.

Most roofs will rarely show signs just by looking at them. That means that as a homeowner you may never know how far the damage goes. You may assume that all you need is a repair but you actually need a roof replacement. When you check the roof to see any signs of damage and spot some, it is advisable to call a contractor immediately. They will be able to tell you if the roof needs to be repaired or replaced.

The contractor is an expert which means that they will carry out a professional inspection. Their tools are able to spot damage that you may not even know was there. This is when they will determine if you need to repair or replace.

Roof maintenance is key to ensuring that your roof lasts longer. If you keep the roof in great condition then you will not have to spend too much when it comes to roof repair.