Tips On How To Install Holiday Lights Up On Your Roof

roofing contractor woodbury mnThe holidays are just around the corner and you may be starting to think about your holiday lighting decor. Installing your holiday decorations and lights to light up your house for everyone to enjoy is more popular than it has ever been. Entire neighborhoods are lighting up using outdoor lights, ranging from lights around the exterior of the house to festooned trees and front yard displays. Hanging those decorations and lights properly is essential for safety and to ensure that decorations can hold up in any kind of winter weather or holiday outdoor activities, such as snow shoveling or kids playing out in the yard.

When climbing up on your ladder, it is important to ensure it is on level ground and is securely in place. While you are up on the ladder you should have a helper spot you by holding onto the ladder to keep it steady.

Whenever you are decorating the ridge at the top of the roof or the chimney, you shouldn’t have to walk on the roof, since that can be quite dangerous and requires safety equipment and knowledge. Great displays are ones that people are able to see at street level, so it isn’t really necessary for you to go over the eave line in order for your roof to be beautifully decorated.

If you need to step on any part of the surface of the roof, or in general when you are working off of a ladder, make sure to have a good grip on the surface of the roof and wear sturdy gym shoes.

Before you install lights on your roof, make sure to have plenty of plastic hooks or clips on hand for attaching the lights onto the gutters or eaves. Unlike metal hooks or nails, plastic is not as likely to cause damage to the roof. Be sure to have outdoor extension cords wherever you need them. The light strands can be attached to gutters, eaves, or shingles. Just make sure to not hang anything heavy with the lights since that can damage components of the roof. If you discover any loose fixtures or gutters, repair them before you hang any lights on them, since they can fall down or further loosen in harsh winter weather, and take the decorations down with them.

Do not use any nails that will make holes in the roof. The roof’s structural integrity is critical and small holes may eventually result in larger holes and let moisture seep into your roof. And plastic lighting clips are very inexpensive and an easy purchase. These clips are carried by most hardware stores and can be found near the tree and lighting displays. If you are planning on putting heavy displays on top of your roof (8 reindeer and Santa?), then make sure they are secured with something that will not pierce the roof (like storm-rated sandbags) to prevent them from falling down and damaging your roof or someone passing by during high winds.

After the holidays are over, be sure to be as careful taking your lights down as you were when you put them up. Don’t yank or pull on the strands to avoid damaging the components the lights are attached to. Take your time. Remove any heavy items carefully and slowly to avoid any accidents from occurring.

As you are doing all of this, if you happen to discover any roof damage such as leaks, holes, broken tiles, loose gutters or any other roof issues, call us. Detecting roof problems early on can save you a lot of money in the future and prepare your roof for next year’s bigger and better display.