Why Do Shingles Buckle?

mn emergency roof repairBuckling happens when the shingles become flat because of the wood deck movement or the wrinkling of the roof underlayment. Here is what you need to know about buckling of shingles.

Why Do Shingles Buckle?

During the summer season, there is a lot of humidity. If you choose to replace the old roof in Burnsville, MN, the wood deck is likely going to be exposed thus absorbing moisture. If the moisture content increases, it would force movement in the wood decking. Before installing the new roof, moisture is likely going to be trapped in the roofing structure thus the underlayment is likely going to wrinkle.

There are also cases where homes have tight and high insulation levels but lack proper ventilation. On that note, you need to check the manufacturer’s recommendations to choose the correct ventilation requirements for the best results. Keep in mind that if roof sheathing is not spaced correctly, buckling is likely going to occur because of contraction and expansion.

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What Are The Solutions To Buckling Shingles?

Allow the trapped moisture to escape from the roofing structure thus allowing the buckling to stop. Next, you need to remove the buckled shingles. If there is any wrinkling on the felt, repair is necessary. It is done by re-nailing and cutting the felt thus making it flat then replacing the shingles.

Also, you need to make sure that the attic is properly ventilated. Some of the ventilation requirements include 1sq ft of ventilation per 150 sq ft of the floor space on the attic. On the other hand, if your have a vapor barrier with at least 1 perm ration or less on the warm side of the ceiling, provide 50% of ventilation on the upper portion of the roof and 50% on the eaves. That way, you will reduce your ventilation to 1 sq ft pear 300sq ft of the attic space.

How Can You Prevent Buckling Shingles?

Use wood decking materials approved by the manufacturer. Make sure these materials have been properly conditioned in the right moisture equilibrium at the right climate conditions. The decking materials should not be exposed to water before or after they are installed. The materials should also be covered properly with asphalt-saturated felt shingle underlayment.

Make sure there is adequate ventilation in the attic as mentioned above. Also, you should follow the manufacturer’s recommendations when it comes to proper ventilation. All shingles should be used depending on the manufacturer’s recommendations.

In conclusion, if you notice any buckling shingles, you should ventilate the attic area to remove the excess moisture. If possible, you can add some exhaust fans.