Winter Maintenance Tips

roofing contractor woodbury mnI am sure that keeping warm in winter is something that everyone tries to achieve as this is when temperatures dip. This makes people stay indoors more than any other time of the year. As such, it is a good idea to ensure that your roof is in good shape to help make your home warm.

While it is important to ensure that your roof is always in a good condition throughout the year, it is more important to focus on roof maintenance in winter as these are the coldest months of the year. The freezing and snow associated with winter need a roof in tip-top shape as the roof takes the biggest hit in winter. Therefore, it is a good idea to focus on roof maintenance in winter.

Remove Snow from Your Roof
It is good to remove snow from your roof as soon as possible to keep your roof in good shape. I know that snow on a rooftop looks good on a postcard. However, it is not good for your roof if left to stay on the roof for a long time. Snow and ice create a heavy weight on your roof and can damage your roof.

Don’t allow precipitation to stay on top of your roof as its melting causes ice dams. Even though water on a roof is not uncommon, its re-freezing can lead to roof damage. Melted ice can harden again when the temperatures drop below freezing (often overnight). This creates a dam either around or in your gutters, backing up any runoff precipitation hence creating a leakage or loosening your shingles.

Removing any snow and ice from your roof as soon as possible keeps the roof dry for a longer period of time. Since the conditions can make the roof slippery, it is good to let a roof maintenance company help you deal with any issues related to your roof. Don’t try to fix any roof issues all by yourself.

Check Your Attic Ventilation
Your roof’s performance directly affects the performance of your attic. This is because when the attic is poorly insulated or ventilated, it can expose your roof to the winter elements hence causing problems such as ice dams. During a roof maintenance inspection, ensure that you go inside and check whether your attic has sufficient insulation and solid routes for ventilation. To ensure consistency of airflow, keep your roof in tip-top shape.