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Have you been asking, “Which are the best roofing contractors in St. Cloud, MN?” If so, you don’t have to look any further than Versatile Roofing Pros. We are your best choice in the area. We are experts in the roofing industry in Minnesota and that makes us a top choice for all roof repairs. Perhaps you only need your shingles replaced. Or, perhaps you need your roof replaced. Either way, you can rest assured that local roofing services are our specialty. We offer our impressive service to all our clients in St. Cloud.

As roofing specialists, we’re aware of the vital nature of your house’s roof. We know you need it to be intact to protect your loved ones. So, we’re here whenever you need us. In the event of a roof leak, we offer our emergency service and give you professional advice. We guarantee you’ll be satisfied with our service.


Or call: (612) 712-2877

Reputable Home Exterior Contractors

We’re reliable St. Cloud, MN, roofing contractors, and you can depend on our roofing specialists to get the job done. However, we also offer other services for the exterior of your house. We’re here to keep your St. Cloud house looking its best.

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Thanks to years of experience in the Minnesota roofing industry, we’re proud to be a top choice. If you choose Versatile Roofing Pros, we guarantee you’ll be impressed with the results We can replace or repair any roof. We represent great value in St. Cloud.

We know many things can damage your roof. Pests may get into the attic and damage your roofing. Storms can cause water damage and/or a roof leak. Whatever the cause, roof damage can result in a mold problem. This, in turn, can result in structural problems and even illnesses among your family members. Luckily, our specialized cleanup team can resolve the problem quickly.




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High-Quality Roofing Service

We offer outstanding home services in your local area of Minnesota. Versatile Roofing Pros is experts in this regard. We take a customized approach to each job. We put the customer’s needs before everything. This is why we offer such an impressive service. It’s easy to see why so many clients have given us positive reviews.

Despite the high quality of our services, we work hard to keep our prices low. Our financing deals make it affordable to replace and repair your roof. Our emergency service is on hand quickly in the event of water or storm damage. Meanwhile, our routine services, such as shingles repair, are very affordable.

We will give you a free estimate before we start work on your job. You’ll, therefore, know all the costs associated with your project. That’s why we’re your most trustworthy roofing contractor in St. Cloud.

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Do you need to answer the question “Is there a reliable roofing contractor near me in St. Cloud, MN?” We have the answer. Versatile Roofing Pros can help with every local roofing problem so contact our specialists now.