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Water damage in your MN home can present a wide variety of problems. Most people assume that water damage mainly affects their flooring, but that’s not always the case. Water can damage the walls, the wiring in the walls, your home’s support frame, and much more. If water is left inside the walls or under fixtures, it can promote mold growth. That can lead to a number of health issues. Versatile Roofing Pros, MN Water Damage Restoration Service, is more than just a roofing contractor—we’re also a top water damage expert. If you’ve found yourself saying, “I need a company that specializes in water damage restoration near me,” then you’ve come to the right place. We offer emergency services, damage assessment, water removal, drying, cleaning, and restoration.

Our Water Damage Repair Services

If you’ve had water enter your home, you may have water damage. This type of damage is often difficult to find since it can occur underneath furniture, fixtures, and possessions. When you suspect water damage has occurred, it’s time to contact an experienced team near you for an assessment. We can help you with a number of different water damage repair and restoration services, including the following:

  • Emergency Services – If you’ve had a pipe burst or have water damage following a storm, contact us right away. Our emergency services team will arrive as soon as possible to begin assessing the damage and making a plan for restoration. We will also be able to tell you if we believe the home is safe to stay in or if you may want to seek shelter elsewhere.
  • Damage Assessment – The first step of most restoration projects is assessment. Our experienced assessment professionals will inspect the area to determine the source of the water damage, how severe it is, and if it extends farther than it appears. They will be able to provide you with a plan for removing any standing water, eliminating any risks to you and your property, and restoring your home.
  • Water Removal – The next step is to remove any standing water. We use high quality, powerful pumps to quickly and effectively remove the water, then follow that up with vacuums to suck out any remaining liquid from carpets. The goal of this step is to remove as much water as possible from the area.
  • Drying – After removing as much of the standing water as possible, we will bring in our drying and dehumidifying equipment. Not all water can be reached with a pump or a vacuum. This equipment will help draw out any moisture that cannot be removed using other means. It may take a day or so to fully dry out the room, especially if you had a good amount of water standing on top of carpet.
  • Cleaning Your Possessions – After removing the water from the room, we will assist you in moving, sanitizing, and otherwise restoring any furniture and other possessions that were damaged. We have specialized equipment that can be used to help dry out upholstery and other materials. This equipment also sanitizes pieces so that mold will not grow on them and helps remove any smells.
  • Restoration – Once we have confirmed that all water has been removed and that everything is dry, we will begin the restoration process. Depending on how extensive the water damage was, this can be fairly quick or may take upwards of a week or more. In some cases, we may have to completely rebuild the room, while in other cases, we may only need to replace a little bit of drywall. It all depends on how much water was in the house and how long it sat there.

Homeowners Can’t Put off Dealing with Water Damage

Putting off water damage only leaves you at risk of a number of health issues related to mold. It can also result in much more expensive home repairs later on, especially if the water damage affects your home’s structural support or wiring. That’s why it’s so important you find a reputable MN Water Damage Restoration Service near your location. You can count on us to provide you with quick, professional cleaning and repairs. Don’t leave yourself at risk.

If your MN home has been flooded, had a leak, or has been damaged by extensive rainwater, you may have more water damage than you realize. This is especially true if you’ve found standing water in multiple parts of your home.

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